ANBI Status

The World Press Photo Foundation is a registered charity that works to develop and promote quality visual journalism because people deserve to see their world and express themselves freely.

Freedom of information, freedom of inquiry and freedom of speech are more important than ever, and quality visual journalism is essential for the accurate and independent reporting that makes these freedoms possible.

The World Press Photo Foundation conforms to the VFI’s Adviesregeling Beloning Directeuren van Goede Doelen (Advice Scheme Remuneration Charity Directors), as well as the Code Wijffels (Good Governance for Charities Code).

The World Press Photo Foundation has its headquarters in Amsterdam, with an Executive Board comprised of the managing director who leads a team of 30 staff. The remuneration for the Executive Board is significantly lower than the maximum authorized remuneration agreed in the Code Wijffels. No staff members receive a higher remuneration than any member of the Executive Board.

A Supervisory Board oversees proper governance of the organization and its programs, with the help of an international Advisory Board. Our patron is Prince Constantijn of The Netherlands.

Fiscal number: NL003596308